Features and benefits

Gambo miniMax palletGambo miniMax

  • The flexible bag for bulk goods with the characteristics of a ridged.
  • For dry goods, pastes and liquids
  • Derives its strength from its design and not from the rigidity of the film
  • Becomes stable after filling
  • No bulging and pallet overhang after stacking
  • Square or rectangular
  • It replaces pails and jugs with considerable cost savings
  • Easy to handle, easy to carry, easy to open and / or close
  • Can be stored outside
  • For dry good, pastes and liquids
  • Available from 2 – 100 liter
  • The ' bag-in-box' system without a box

Sustainability of Gambo miniMax

The reduction in packaging, trucking, warehousing and handling has a positive impact on the environmental footprint throughout the supply chain.